Knight T-60

I got the Knght T-60 transmitter at the Dayton Hamvention in May, 2005.
When I got it and took it home, first thing I noticed was something loosened in the box.  I did not expect the rig would work and operable shape.
When I switched on, sure enough, it did not work.  Then I opened the case and looked inside to find out the problems.   It took me two weeks to fix it as follows.
(1) The power transformer was loosened so I tighten up the fasteners.
(2) The jumper wire was missing so I put a small piece of copper wire to fix.
(3) The built in meter was not functioning at all.   I found the wiring for the diode and a resister were wrong.  When I fixed it, the meter worked.
The tubes were checked by a tube meter and they were top shape and will last long.
The rig put out 40w on CW and it has a prenty of power, Hi Hi.  I look forward to having DX contacts when the condx is improved.
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