amamazing qrp(300mw) qso

2006/02/16  16:38 UTC
I just finished a qso with wa4aim(buzz) in Richmond, VA, with my michigan mighty mite (one transister transmitter).   The power was about 300mw and my antenna is a loop. 
I estimate the distance between us would be about 1000km (600miles) and I got my report 449 to 579 at a time of peak.  So far this is the best distance I reached with this qrpp rig to date.
Amazing , nothing but amazing with the Michigan might mite.
2006/03/04  12:58 UTC
On 40m band with my Michigan Mighty Mite, 300mw, I have had a QSO with WA0JLY, Denny in Fort Collins, CO. and my report was 559.  What a QSO with only 300mw of power I had.  He was transmitting with 15w and I am wondering what rig he was using.
I had QSO with K2HYD/4 on 30m band(10.106mhz) at 19:21 UTC on Feb. 18/2006.   The MMM has one homebrew coil which was modified to tune 80m, 40m and 30m with this one coil.  This was my first 30m QSO with this transmitter.  The power was about 300mw and I am happy that the rig works on three bands.  
The MMM does transmit on 20m band but no QSO has made.  I look forward to reporting the 20m band QSO soon.  I am waiting for the gud condition.
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