Hallicrafters SC-40B receiver

I have a 1950 vintage communication receiver.  It is "Hallicrafters SC-40B" which is made and assembled in Canada.
It is exact model as known as " Hallicrafters S-40B".
(1) When I got it, the receiver was not sensitive to receive signals on ham bands.  I asked VE3FBH, Frank, to help me out for checking the tubes which turned out all tubes were OK.  Then K9FHJ suggested to make an alignment.  Frank has instrument and has experience for the alignment.  He has done it beautifully and the receiver works well.
(2) I have never had QSO with a transmitter and a receiver working separately and my first QSO was made with KE4QZB on 40m band at 21:11 UTC on Feb. 7/2006. The  SC-40B is an old tube receiver and designed in 1950s, and I can not expect the receiver will work like a modern solid state tranceiver for the sensitivity and signal separation.
QRM was there and signal strength was not there either.  I gave him the report 359 but I was glad I experienced that in 1950s ham operators were doing QSO like that.  I have now got familiar with the receiver and learned some tricks for receiving signals and for QSO.
(3) The SC-40B has drifting on receiving signals when it turned on and first about 30 minutes.  The drifting seems normal for tube rigs, transmitters and receivers.  So now I need to deal with the drifting problem and in the future, I like to replace old capacitors to get stability for receiving signals.  It will be my winter project some day.
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