roof antenna

I am using my metal roof as a zepp antenna which works well as a stand-by antenna in winter.  In Canada as you can imagine that I am not willing to work outside for antennas when cold WX comes. 
Please take a look at the picture attached.
I am using the roof as an antenna since 2001 and have made lots of DX contacts as well as QRP QSOs.  I have a wire loop for 40m band which may have high SWR when wet snow and freezing rain come.  Then I go on air with my roof.
Frequency range:  160m to 10m with a tuner.   6m, 2m and 75cm can be transmitted without a tuner because I do not have it.
It works when it rains, snow (up to 6 inches).
It picks up noise a bit.
No one knows I use my roof as antenna.  And I am only a few in the world that I am going on air from my roof, Hi.
If you want to know more about my roof antenna, please e-mail me at
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