QSO with MMM @40mW on 20m band.

I finally made a QSO with the Michigan Mighty Mite (MMM), one transistor CW QRP last nite with Wilbur, KB1CL on 20m band.   I got 339 from him.
I homebrewed MMM working on 80m, 40m and 30m band with one coil which I modified and it showed vry small power out on 20m band on my power meter.  I measured it with my homebrew QRP power meter after the QSO showing 40mW.  
I have been trying a QSO with 20m band but the condx has been poor for almost six months and not successful.  Now I have had QSOs on 80m, 40m, 30m and 20m with one coil with  my MMM.  The original MMM needs a coil on each band respectively and I am glad that one coil which I modified has worked all of four bands. 
My next challenge is to up-grade my MMM working on 20m band and 15m band with, perhaps, more power like 100mW to 200mW in the future.  I look forward to going on air 20m and 15m band with MMM when the condx became improved.
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