QSL card from AF4K,Bry.

June 20, 2006
Re: Atomic power
I received a QSL card from AF4K, Bry, yesterday.  He has his website which I visited and found a linked website.  The title is "A Completely Amazing Photographic Motorbike Tour of the Chernobyl Dead Zone" and the address is :
which I strongly recommend you to visit.
After reading through it , I decided to write this  and urge you to visit the websites related to the atomic power which has to be carefully handled and managed for the human beings for good.
I suggest and urge you to go into a search engine such as "Google" and type in " atomic bomb" so that you will be exposed to a totally different world by visiting those websites and you will find yourdself being in not the world you are currently in.
I had an opportunity to visit a hospital in Hiroshima where the first atomic bomb in the world was dropped in August 6, 1945 and I have met the people there exposed to the radioactive rays suffering terribly.  I have absolutely NO WORD to describe what I saw.
I was young and I finished my colledge.  It was about 40 years ago.
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