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A 6 to 1 Balun for Meissener Signal Shifter EX

2008/02/20                            日本語は下のほうにあります。 “The 6 to 1 balun for the Meissener Signal Shifter, (MSS)”      I finally operated the MSS with a homebrew 6 to 1 balun.  The MSS has a 300 ohm impedance antenna terminal and my antenna system has … Continue reading

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“ GRC-109, Spy Radio, 1960s”

2008/02/02                                         日本語は下の方にあります。   “ GRC-109, Spy Radio, 1960s”   The GRC-109 radio was designed perhaps in 1950s and manufactured in 1960s.  It is a military transmitter, receiver and power supply as a set.  It has a lot of interesting histories … Continue reading

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