A 6 to 1 Balun for Meissener Signal Shifter EX



“The 6 to 1 balun for the Meissener Signal Shifter, (MSS)”   


I finally operated the MSS with a homebrew 6 to 1 balun.  The MSS has a 300 ohm impedance antenna terminal and my antenna system has 50 ohm impedance.


I had QSOs with K8BHG on Feb. 16th and WB3GCM on Feb. 17th for testing the 6 to 1 homebrew balun I made and the MSS.  The power generated was ten watts and 6 watts depending on the Xtals(FT243) used.  I was happy with the result I had and the manual says more than 6 watts for power and it proves that my homebrew balun worked.  I did not have proper testing equipment to check if the balun was designed right and would work well.  So I had to use it with the radio being operated. The balun was the third design attempt and the first and second design and built balun did not work well.   My experience for this exercise is described below.


(1)   The first balun I designed:  I used the Amidon FT-114-43 on hand to make a conventional transformer as shown in the 1982 the radio amateur handbook.  It was wound on the core with 300 ohm impedance on the primary and 50 ohm impedance on the secondary.   On operation of MSS, it generated 3 watts and 1 watts depending on the two different freq Xtals used.  I was not satisfied with the result.

(2)   The second homebrew balun:  Using the FT-114-43 again, I made a balanced to unbalanced balun similar to a 4:1 voltage balun.  It is 300 ohm impedance for balanced and 50 ohm impedance for unbalanced.   This balun I homebrewed did not work at all and no power was transferred into the antenna.  This design was unsuccessful and failure, HI HI.

(3)   The third homebrew balun:  This balun worked well and did good job for me.  I show the design steps below.  The core was FT-114-43 and wire used was AWG # 12.  Using the information on the 1995 radio amateur handbook, page 6-48, Xs(reactance)=4 x Zs (impedance)= 4 x 50 ohm= 200 ohm,  Xp= 4 x Zp = 4 x 300 ohm = 1200 ohm , then I calculated Ls required.  Ls(inductance)= Xs / 2 x 3.14 x freq. = 200 / 2 x 3.14 x 3.5 Mhz     Ls=0.009098 mH

Using Ft-114-43, calculate the number of turns, Ts

Ts= 1000 x squire root(0.009098 /603) = 3.8 turns

   So round it up to 4 turns required.

   Then Lp= Xp / 2 x 3.14 x freq. =1200 / 2 x 3.14 x 3.5 Mhz =0.0546 mH 

   Tp= 1000 x squire root(0.0546 /603) = 9.51 turns

So round it up to 10 turns required.

The design was similar to (2) above, but this is a 6 to 1 voltage balun. 

 If you have questions, please e-mail me.


I showed some pictures of this balun on the album of this blog, Feb. 20, 2008. And I welcome questions if you have, please e-mail me at ve3cgc@hotmail.com


My project on the MSS is finished with good results and I gain the fun experience on this 1948 to 1949 produced VFO/QRP transmitter.  The rig is solid even today and at this time I did not have to install any major parts but I replaced old tubular type capacitors with new capacitors as a just general practice of old tube equipment which I have done for the other rigs as well.



VE3CGC  Hiro


P.S. I greatly appreciate W8WLQ, Les. for the fun equipment given to me.  I am glad that I could bring the MSS to the operational condition.  It is a nice rig, Hi Hi.

Also Tnx are due to N4QA, Bill, for the information and advise of the MSS which he operates as well.



In Japanese:

61 バラン の製作」


1948年から1949年に製造されたVFO/QRP 送信機 Meissener Signal Shifter EX, マイセナー シグナル シフター EXタイプ(以下MSSといいます)の古いコンデンサーを交換し(re-capping)、送信アンテナのターミナルはインピーダンス300オームに設定されていますので、50オームのアンテナにつなぎ、電波を出すには300オームから50オームにマッチングを取るバランが必要になります。 手元にFT-114-43のフェライト コアが在ったので、61バランの自作に挑戦しました。 今までに2個作って試しましたが、うまく行かず、3個目のバラン(3度目の正直!!!)がうまく作動し、説明書にあるパワーがでましたので、その製作過程を書きます。 3個目に作ったバランは強制バランです。 


参考に使った本は「トロイダルコア活用百科」と1995ARRLThe Radio Amateur’s HandbookFT-114-43コア、#12AWGエナメル線を使い、計算の手順は下記の通りです。

Xs(リアクタンス)= 4 x Zs(インピーダンス) = 4 x 50オーム= 200 オーム

Xp= 4 x Zp = 4 x 300オーム = 1,200 オーム

次に、50オーム側の巻数を計算すると Xs=200  f=3.5Mhz  Lsインダクタンス

Ls= Xs / 2×3.14 x f = 200 / 2 x 3.14 x 3.5 mhz = 0.009099 mH

Ts(巻数)= 1000 x 平方根(Ls / AL)                     FT114-43AL=603

= 1000 x平方根(0.009099 / 603) = 3.8    これは4巻きとする。

次に、300オームの巻数を計算すると Xp=1200  f=3.5Mhz  Lpインダクタンス

Lp= Xp / 2×3.14x f = 1200 / 2 x 3.14 x 3.5 mhz = 0.0546 mH

Ts(巻数)= 1000 x 平方根(Ls / AL)=1000  x平方根(0.0546 / 603) =  9.5 巻き





バランをチェックする測定器は持っていませんので、このバランをMSSに取り付け、テストを兼ねてオンエアーしました。 K8BGHWB3GCMと交信し、この時MSSのパワーは10wと6Wでした。 使ったFT243(古いものですが)XTAL2個で、XTALによりパワーは異なりましたが、MSSの説明書には6w以上出ると書かれてあり、うまく動いたと判断しました。


VE3CGC  Hiro            ve3cgc@hotmail.com                

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