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“The SW-20, Small Wonder Labs”

2008/03/15 “The SW-20, Small Wonder Labs”                    日本語は下の方にあります。   The SW-20 is a CW QRP transceiver kit I built in my 2007 to 2008 winter project.  I built the SW-40 (40m band CW QRP) in my previous winter project and it … Continue reading

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W9TFC brass key

2008/03/03                    日本語は下のほうにあります。   “ The W9TFC brass key”   I have made my first QSO with W9TFC, John, on Oct. 9, 2006 on 40m band CW.  During the QSO, I came across that he had a rig using a 2E26 tube … Continue reading

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