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「500円で出来る縦ふり自作電鍵、 手作り キー 」

2009/02/22              日本語は下にあります。 “ A homebrew straight key” 「500円で出来る縦ふり自作電鍵、 手作り キー」 手作り キー I have make homebrew straight keys that were shown in the QST magazine, Sept. 2006 issue.  They work greatly and very well for the day to day QSOs so I would like … Continue reading

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RE-WORK OF MMM, Michigan Mighty Mite

Feb./04/2009                             日本語は下にあります。 “ Re-work of the Michigan Mighty Mite, QRPp “              「ミシガン マイティー マイト,MMM, QRPpの改造」   I homebrewed the first Michigan Mighty Mite, MMM, three years ago.  Then the MMM became not working, not oscillating to be exact, late 2008.  As the … Continue reading

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