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“ V-6 QRP “ 「V-6 QRP 送信機」

2011/03/15            日本語は下にあります。 “ V-6 QRP “  「V-6 QRP 送信機」 The articles of the Heathkit V-6 QRP were up-loaded on Dec.2/2007 and July17/2008. The V-6 is a VTVM tube meter which was given by W9WLQ, Les. I used the 12AU7 and … Continue reading

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「修理ノート」  “My repair notebook”

2011/03/03                   日本語は下にあります。 「修理ノート」  “My repair notebook” I started making a note of it for anything such as repairs, measurements, steps, formulas and calculations, results, revisions and modifications, etc. for my future reference in December 2004. The ARRL handbook for … Continue reading

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