“ A homebrew rack” 「自作ラック」

2012/04/17              日本語は下にあります。        ve3cgc@hotmail.com

“ A homebrew rack”  「自作ラック」


I got a piece of ply wood that came from a part of my disassembled desk.  It is a half inch thick material which is sturdy enough to make a small rack for my rig that can be set on my desk.

The size is 10 inches wide, 9 inches high and 9 1/2 inches deep.  It is small enough to accommodate the Icom 706 and the EK-160 auto keyer, manufactured by the Katsumi Electric in Japan.  The rack is designed to fit a small rig and can be placed on a desk or table independently by itself not fastening to anything.

The rack is suitable to accommodate a mobile rig or a small HF rig and it can be sized to fit your rig.   The rack was fastened with some left-over wood screws and I did not buy anything for this project at all.  Perhaps you may have the materials to make one on hand.

The tools I used were an electric circular saw, an electric drill, and a dozen of wood screws.


Good luck and 73.

Hiro VE3CGC     ve3cgc@hotmail.com



In Japanese :



去年、古い机をばらし、仕上げのきれいな板(約13mm厚)が1枚でてきました。 最近は小さくまとめたリグがたくさん使われていて、私もラックを1台ほしいと思いました。 これを使って私のIcom 706のため、1台、自作しました。

サイズは横25.5cm、高さ23cm、奥行き24cmで、私の机の上に置き、リグなどを一ケ所に小さくまとめて置けて、とても便利です。   私が使った道具は電気のこ、電気ドリル、それに手元にあった木ネジ12本くらいでできます。  簡単にできるので、自作してみてください。



はやし ひろ VE3CGC  ve3cgc@hotmail.com

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1 Response to “ A homebrew rack” 「自作ラック」

  1. Scott says:

    This is too strange. I just posted about the triple bazooka and saw this. I just made one too last month. I used some pine wood i bought from hardware store and didn’t use for a project. i then spray painted it back and then some spray on rustoleium laquere. Turned out pretty nice for a 2 hour build including paint time and dry. 73’s Scott Great Lakes Midwest

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