“ Evaluating my English level “ 「私の英語のレベル」

2012/11/11              日本語は下にあります。             ve3cgc@hotmail.com

“ Evaluating my English level “     「私の英語のレベル」

Ham radio requires some level of English capability to enjoy this hobby.  I usually go on CW mode and occasionally SSB in English.  I was born in Japan and immigrated to Canada about 45 years ago.

I came across the following “You Tube sites” to tell you my English level.  (Please click the following to view and listen to them.)

Presentaion One by Genki Fujii.



Presentation Two by Yujiro Taniyama.



My English level is perhaps similar to the Presentaion One by Genki Fujii because:

(a)  We are probably the same age and have received the same level of education in Japan and as well as study abroad.  He learned in the American universities and I studied in the Canadian University.  Our mother tongue is Japanese and the English is our second language.

(b)  We both have grown up by speaking Japanese until adults.  Thus the pronunciation of English is NOT like the American born or Canadian born.  We have the Japanese accent in speaking English.

On the other hand, Yujiro Taniyama in Presentation Two was born NOT in Japan and has received the English education through out until he became an adult.  His parents are Japanese.   Please note that his pronunciations and expressions truly like Americans.  I do not have those.

I conclude that when you speak English in the childhood and grew up in English speaking society, your English will be perhaps like the Americans born in the U.S.A..  But you will not be like the Americans in speaking when you start speaking English perhaps after the age of ten or fifteen.   It means that the earlier the better to start speaking English.   That is my conclusion from my experience.


Hiro Hayashi, VE3CGC              ve3cgc@hotmail.com



In Japanese:


ハムラジオでも、ある程度英語がわかると、CWや SSBのDXの時、助けになり、楽しさも倍になります。  最近、You Tubeのサイトで、私の英語のレベルをふと、思った時、面白いものを見つけましたので、クリックして、見て、聞いてください。

第一のサイト: 藤井厳喜氏



第二のサイト: 谷山雄二朗氏


私は日本で生まれ、教育も日本で受け、カナダに来て大学を出ました。  藤井氏も私と同じような年齢、教育を受けられているようで、英語の話し方も同じと思われますが、英語の発想や言い回し、発音などアメリカで生まれたアメリカ人のようにはできないところをこのYou Tubeでわかっていただけますか。



私の経験から、多分10歳、15歳くらいに日本語の環境から英語の環境になっても、話し方に、日本語の発音や、表現等が出てくるのは仕方ないことでしょう。  アメリカで生まれたアメリカ人のように話すには子供の時から、英語の環境にあればできると思います。


林 ひろ VE3CGC     ve3cgc@hotmail.com

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