“ The Kenwood TS-430V “ 「10w ケンウッド TS-430V」

2013/05/02           日本語は下にあります。   ve3cgc@hotmail.com


Subject:  “ The Kenwood TS-430V “   「10w ケンウッド TS-430V」

TS-430V setup01TS-430V setup02TS-430V setup03 

My main radio shack is located in the basement and in mid March, as we had heavy rain storm, it was flooded.  Therefore, I could not use the shack and could not go on air.  I use my old Kenwood TS-430V, QRP 10w rig set up in my bed room so that I go on air until the basement is repaired.  

The TS-430V was manufactured and sold in 1980s so it is about 30 years old.  The TS-430V has a power of max 10watts from 160m to 30m bands.  The beauty of this rig is that the power can be set from 0 to 10watts at any level you want.  It is a nice QRP transceiver.   Since it was sold in Japan only as a novice rig, it was not available in the north American market.  Please click the URL below for the information. 





The recent QRP QSLs made were as follows:  (my power was 5 watts.)

CO8RRM  @7.1085Mhz, loop antenna, 4/29/2013

IK3TYB   @21.063Mhz, triple bazooka, 4/11/2013

DK3GI    @21.030Mhz, triple bazooka, 4/11/2013

EA2LU   @14.060Mhz, triple bazooka, 4/02/2013

CM2YZ   @21.0095Mhz, triple bazooka, 4/20/2013

KP4AOC  @14.065Mhz, triple bazooka, 1/24/2013



Hiro Hayashi ,VE3CGC,  ve3cgc@hotmail.com



In Japanese:

「10w ケンウッド TS-430V」


1980年代に日本で発売になった「ケンウッド TS-430V」を私の寝室にセットしてあり、CONDXをみて、DXや北米大陸の太平洋岸の局やカリビアンの局とQRP QSOを楽しんでいます。 本年3月に激しい雨のため、ベースメントにあるシャックに水が入り、シャックは修理のため使えなくなりました。 


上のURLをクリックし、TS-430Vの情報を見てください。  また、最近のQRP QSOは上の英語の部分にありますので、見てください。



はやし ひろ  VE3CGC    ve3cgc@hotmail.com

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