“ My urgent message “

2015/04/10 ve3cgc@hotmail.com

Subject “ My urgent message “

As a blog owner and operator, I am allowed to access and check who viewed my blog and how many views were made. On April 8th, 2015, the following 111 views were made and I would like to express my sincere appreciations to the viewers in the world.

Japan 45
Indonesia 33
Mexico 11
Spain 5
Germany 3
Finland 3
Greece 3
Romania 2
Columbia 2
Russia 1
Poland 1
Argentina 1
Puerto Rico 1

I also express my great appreciations to Americans and Canadians since they are frequent viewers every day. The cumulative number has been reached for exceeding 80,000 in April in 2015.

Thanks all.
Hiro Hayashi VE3CGC ve3cgc@hotmail.com

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