“ The Daiwa PS-304C “   「ダイワPS-304Cの応急修理」

2016/04/20           日本語は下にあります。 ve3cgc@hotmail.com

Subject: “ The Daiwa PS-304C “   「ダイワPS-304Cの応急修理」

Daiwa PS-304C  power supply

Daiwa PS-304C
power supply

Daiwa PS-304C 4 variable registers, malfunctioning

Daiwa PS-304C
4 variable registers, malfunctioning

I have been using the Daiwa PS-304C power supply for about ten years and a week ago the power supply became malfunctioning so I could not run my rigs. The PS-304C did not generate the power at all although the switch could be on.

I found the following sites describing how to repair it. I like to mention how I did the temporally fix which may be useful for some of you in the same situation. I live in a small town in Canada where no radio parts are sold and available. Apparently the PS-304C mainly causes the problem on the four variable registers in the unit. The websites below although in Japanese will convey where the problem occurs and how to repair it by replacing the four variable registers.





My temporary repair I performed:

Please identify the four variable registers by going through the above websites. My temporary fix is simple, not requiring replacing the four variable registers. I lubricated the four variable registers with the general purpose oil with a half drop for each variable register. Make sure the amount of oil is not too much. Leave it for about an hour or so. In my case the power supply became functioning generating 12.75 volts DC. In the future I will try to repair the unit with the four variable registers replaced permanently.

Hiro Hayashi, VE3CGC ve3cgc@hotmail.com

In Japanese: 「ダイワPS-304Cの応急修理」

私の電源 Daiwa PS-304C が突然故障してしまい、トランシーバーが使えなくなってしまいました。 上の英語の部分にある日本語のサイトを参照して、故障個所に当たりを付け、半固定抵抗 4個に油を半滴たらし、約1時間放置し、油が回ってからスイッチを入れ、13.75Vを確認し、私の応急修理を終わりました。  私はカナダの田舎町に住んでいるので、修理に必要な部品が買えませんので、とりあえず部品をそろえるまで、このままで使うこととします。

林 ひろ  VE3CGC ve3cgc@hotmail.com

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